Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm Thrilled to Announce...

                                                 Sweet Treat, $95 framed, Acrylic, 6x6"

...actually, I should say thrilled and honored to announce, that my work (including this painting) is now being offered through the Woolworth Walk, a gallery in Asheville, North Carolina.  The Woolworth Walk is a fabulous gallery, and I say I am honored because I am now in the company of so many of my favorite local artists!   Quite the range of mediums are represented, in addition to painting:  metalwork, fiber art, photography, pottery, jewelry, to name just a few. 

As I said in my January blog post, when I first got accepted to the waiting list:  "I am so thrilled.  I have loved going to the Woolworth Walk ever since it opened, and have envisioned my art there ever since I decided I wanted to have a place to show/sell locally, rather than just on-line.  The Woolworth Walk does a tremendous job with presentation, use of space, and lighting.  The staff there are always extremely nice, too."

Now that I have spent more time there, I think I understated what I said about the staff.  Not only are they extremely nice, they are friendly, helpful, upbeat, knowledgeable, and organized.  I know they will be a joy for me and my customers to work with.

From now on, my sites will let you know whether a painting is for sale through my studio or through the Woolworth Walk.  If you are interested in any painting available through the Woolworth Walk, please contact them to arrange sale and shipping at (828) 254-9234.  And check out their website.  I guarantee you will be impressed with the array of offerings there! 

If you are interested in a painting available through my studio and first heard of my art through the Woolworth Walk, please let me know so that I can give the gallery proper credit.  Thank you.

The cupcake painting was painted on Thanksgiving Day 2012.  And then it spoiled my dinner.  Yes, I blame the cupcake!  But I loved painting (and eating) it.  Coincidentally, I put that painting in the Woolworth Walk yesterday and then came home and read the local arts and entertainment newsweekly.  I learned that the bakery the cupcake came from, The Sisters McMullen, is no more.  Actually the bakery has been sold, and, I expect, will undergo some changes.  I loved The Sisters McMullen, including the sisters, and am so sad to see them go.  One of my Thanksgiving traditions was having pumpkin pie from the Sisters.  I also need a new source of gorgeous cupcakes (for PAINTING, people!) and am so glad I captured one in paint while I had the chance.  May both McMullen Sisters each be moving on to a new bright chapter in their lives...

And by the way, the cupcake painting is framed in a wood float frame with a gold finish and is $95 (contact the Woolworth Walk  at 828-254-9234).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meeting Goals

With the holiday season approaching, I am thinking about end of year, reviewing my goal list, and considering what I hope to accomplish for next year.  One item that was high on my list for 2013 was to paint flowers, since they are always a challenge, and I wanted to understand them better.  I'm happy with what I have achieved and will continue to practice, practice, practice!

I would encourage all my artist friends to consider making a collage of your work--in our busy lives, we can cross things off our "to do" lists, but it's really nice to have visual evidence that we have accomplished something!

Thanks for looking...

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