Sunday, January 31, 2016

Summing Up 30 Paintings in 30 Days, January 2016

I didn't think I would take the time to do a collage at the end of this 30 in 30, but I guess it's somewhat of a ritual I didn't want to avoid.  So there you have it, 12 paintings that probably never would have been painted if not for this 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge!

I hope at the outset of this Challenge, I announced that my intention was to work on mindset, because that was what I held dear during this 30 in 30.  I did not let the Challenge, or my paintings, stress me out very much.  During past 30 in 30's, especially the first few I did, I truly put pressure on myself and ended up feeling badly when I couldn't post a painting to Leslie's blog on time.  

This time, when I was too exhausted after work to paint, I didn't try to paint.  When family time was more important, I spent family time.  When my beloved art group had a meeting after work this month, I went to the meeting and enjoyed my friends there instead of painting.  I often forgot altogether about posting to Leslie's blog.  I think the forgetting was a really good sign!

So, I didn't force myself to paint when it would not have been sensible to paint.  I didn't exhaust myself.  Instead, what I did do was create habits that are sustainable for the long run.  I currently have four paintings in various stages of completion.  I now know about myself that these four will be finished in their own time, it's not good for me to hurry them, and rotating through four will help keep me from getting into battle with any single one of them.  

When I feel too much tension while working on a painting, I now MOVE ON to another one!  And know that I will cycle back around to each of them.

As always, I thank you for your kind feedback and support.  You all have been great!  For those of you in the Challenge,  doing this together has made this Challenge all the more worthwhile.

See you SOON (instead of disappearing like I often have after burning out during these things!).

Thanks for Watching... Carry on!  (oops, just noticed I put one of my paint ahead paintings on the collage, something I intended not to do.  oh well...told you I was relaxed :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Busting a Painting Myth/ Breaking a Painting Rule during 30 Paintings in 30 Days January 2016

"Ablaze"            Framed Acrylic, 6x6"
$95 plus shipping
Framed in a wood float frame with a gold finish
Please contact the Woolworth Walk for availability, purchase, and shipping at 828-254-9234.

I realized and (re)learned some things this month that maybe someone else out there could use to hear, too. 

Paint Your Own Way, i.e. It's OK to Mess with the Paint~

I've been in this Daily Painting crowd for awhile now.  There are some great painters there.  And some myths.  So many teachers say, "Put the stroke down and leave it alone."  Which does lead to beautiful brushwork.  I will not argue that. But, I am ready to argue it is not the only way to paint!  It is only one style.  And any style has its benefits and its limitations.

Layering, glazing, and putting a stroke down and messing with it are also acceptable methods of painting.  They all have their place in my world, and acrylics lend themselves wonderfully to all three techniques.  I have used all three techniques during this 30 Paintings in 30 days and have been able to achieve effects I wanted that I never, hear this, never would have been able to achieve by leaving the original brushstrokes alone!

Have you ever watched John Hammond paint acrylics?  To me, he is the master, and in his video, I see him over and over putting down some paint and then working with it!

Remembering to glaze when needed has been one of the gifts of this 30 in 30 for me.  Remembering how to work with strokes already put down and learning new ways to work with those strokes, especially to make skies happen, has been another gift of this past month.

I want all my artist friends to be free--to paint--the way that works for them!

If you're painting, Happy Painting, and everyone, thanks for Watching...

and thanks to Robyn (Ro) Lovelock at PMP for the use of Simon's wonderful photo that inspired the above painting.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Things I Thought I would do During this 30 Paintings in 30 Days

"Nicola's Bluebells"              Oil Pastel, 6x8"
$75 plus shipping
I enjoyed painting this oil pastel so much...the slipperiness of the medium was really fun after all that (sticky) acrylic painting I've been doing lately.

A few things I thought I would do:  I thought I would do more Oil Pastels, I thought I would paint on black gesso, and I thought I would try my oil paints again.

I have some boards with black gesso ready to go, so we will see what this week brings.

The oil paints may have to wait till February! 

Happy Painting, everyone! 

And thank you, Nicola B for the use of the photo that inspired this painting...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nothing to do but Stay Home and Paint during 30 Paintings in 30 Days

"Steve's Fields"       Acrylic, 8x8"

 I hope you all have weathered the storm safely.  We're doing fine here.  I am happy to be home with my family, happy to be home painting and doing yoga and resting.  

I want to thank Steve Lyddon once again for providing the reference photo for this painting.  He has been to some beautiful places!

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's About that Time in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Harbor Sunset      Acrylic, 6x6"
$75 plus shipping

It was to my great consternation that I learned that Blogger didn't send out an email about my post from yesterday.  I wanted you to see that painting, but most especially, I had linked to an artist I know and admire and wanted you to see his work.  I truly believe he is an up and coming shining star in the plein air world, with more great things to come.   So please, click here to check out yesterday's post, and then consider checking out that link to see his work!  

Ok, I was starting to say (in the post title), that it is about that time in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days when I start seriously pondering what I am going to get myself as a present for participating.  I think all considerate artists should reward themselves with a present!  Take good care of yourselves, artist friends...

Here's what is in the running for me:

Or both!

Will you get yourself a present?


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sometimes Being in the 30 in 30 means Remembering to Finish Some Paintings!

 "Skylight"    Acrylic, 8x8"
$ 125 plus shipping

Today, I decided to finish three of the paintings I had started last weekend.  Or possibly even earlier in the month. 

Some people feel starting a painting is the challenging part.  Not me!  I think I've said this here before.  I love doing starts.  I enjoy facing the white of the canvas.  It's finishing that I find challenging.  So many ways you could go, so many colors and options.  All up to me!  

I can tell you what doesn't help.  It doesn't help in any way whatsoever to be standing there telling yourself, "now, Jeremy Sams would know how to finish this painting!"  Nope, that doesn't help a bit...

What really truly helps is going for it--being willing to take the risk to ruin what you've got!

On the other hand, there are some paintings that don't deserve to ever be finished.  Some of you probably know what I mean...

(thank you Roy Davenport, for the photo that inspired this painting!)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Staying Relaxed During 30 Paintings in 30 Days-Jan. 2016

"Painted Fields"    Acrylic, 8x8"
$125 Plus Shipping 
Well, I got so relaxed about this whole thing that I forgot to post my last painting to Leslie's blog until today!  I think that's great.  Focus on the painting process, that's what I say...

Thanks to Steve Lyddon at Paint my Photo for the use of the photo which inspired this painting!

And thank you all for being here...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lost Count, 30 Paintings in 30 Days

"The Chill Ahead"    Acrylic, 6x6"
$75 plus shipping
Well, it seems Winter has begun here, so I couldn't  resist painting the chill...

Today I finished two paintings, progressed on one, and may have taken a third past the point of no return.  We'll see--I'll look at it again. 

Yesterday, I went to a meeting of the Appalachian Pastel Society and a design workshop with Leo Monahan.  At the workshop, we used collage as the format to practice our design sense.  Leo is an amazing artist, and cut and folded paper is his medium.  I am very tempted to learn his medium, but to do so, he requires students to take a series of design and then color workshops first.  

Needless to say, no painting yesterday.  But plenty of art!

How's everybody doing??  Me, I'm quite relaxed about the painting, don't care about the count, and am enjoying myself and learning as I go... 

Friday, January 8, 2016

In Search of Brilliant Post Title--30 Paintings in 30 Days

"Winter Sunset"  Acrylic, 6x6"

I have to say that I really like this painting, but I also see its I am posting but not putting up for sale on DPW at this time.  I may work on it some more or I may repaint it.  Or I may call it done and just keep it!

Keep up the good work, everyone!  And thanks for Watching...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Learning a lot Painting for this 30 Paintings in 30 Days...

"Sweet End of the Day"   Acrylic, 8x8"
$125, plus shipping

 Yes, I'm learning a lot about how I want to paint during this 30 in 30, but right now, I am too tired to tell you about it!  I'm not sure if the title of this painting is directed more towards how I feel right now or towards describing the painting...
I'm doing this challenge a little differently this time.  You may have noticed I skipped a couple days of posting.  Basically, I have about 7 paintings started.  As I get interested in one above the others, I will take it to completion.  I have another one completed that I will show you tomorrow.  Of the rest, I am not sure how many will see the light of day, but I am very interested in this way of working, for reasons I guessed it...too tired to explain right now.

I admire how my friend Sandra is doing her 30 in 30 blog posts, explaining what she learned from each painting.  Unfortunately, some of what I learned today came from working on a different painting, so it wouldn't really make sense to you in this context, anyway.

But I am bursting full of the new possibilities I am seeing in my acrylics!

Thank you for the outpouring of support I received in my call for help for my friend Julie trying to learn how to post to her new blog from her iPhone.  You all were incredible, and Julie is now posting and is busy redecorating her blog.

Thanks for Watching... 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Making Artwork PLAY with Oil Pastel for 30 Paintings in 30 Days, Day 3

"Mind's Eye"    Experimental--Oil Pastel with Acrylic, 5.5 x 5.5"
Opening Bid $40

This one was pure play with my Oil Pastels.  Do you ever want to just see "what would happen if...?" That's what I was doing here.  And full disclosure, this was one of my paint-ahead paintings!

My friend who is new to blogging is having trouble posting to Blogger using her iPhone and/or iPad.  Anyone able to shed any light for me to pass on to her?   The comment section would work or if you prefer to write me privately, here's how to reach me.  Thanks for your help.
And thanks for watching...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

30 Paintings in 30 Days, January 2016, Day 2

"Majestic"     Acrylic    5.75 x 5.75"
Opening Bid $45
Bid in the DPW Auction

Well, it's back to work for me today (yes, on a Saturday--in fact, I work on and off all weekend), so here's where the Challenge becomes challenging :-)

Leslie said it's ok to paint ahead in December and use those for this Challenge, and I have a few of those up my sleeve, so I should be ok.

But who's counting?  :-)

Thanks for watching!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Make it Fun! 30 Paintings in 30 Days Jan. 2016, Day 1

"Morning Mist"   Acrylic, 6x6"
$75 Plus Shipping 
Happy New Year,'s 30 Paintings in 30 Days, and I always say "I'm here for the ride."  The challenge is hosted by Leslie Saeta, and she says there are no rules but to have fun.  I take that rule very seriously, especially this time.  I am focusing on my internal process more than the outcome of my paintings.
This painting was inspired by a photo by Viacheslav on Paint My Photo.  As usual, not sure the photographer would recognize his photo, because I took what I needed from it and let the rest go.  But I do want to thank Viacheslav for providing the reference photo.  This is the second of his photos that I have painted.
I have a new local friend participating in this 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge, and if you are so inclined, please check out Julie's blog here to see her wonderful watercolor work this month.
Best wishes, everyone, for a wonderful year and a fruitful challenge to those who are participating...
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