Saturday, November 22, 2014


Acrylic, 6x6"

Starting Bid is $65, unframed

I'm showing these to you a little out of order.  The one above was actually painted just before I did a more simplified version that you may have already seen in this post, where I introduced my present project.

As always, I thank you for Watching!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Approaching Storm

Acrylic 6x6"

Available for $95 plus shipping
Contact the Woolworth Walk Gallery
Asheville, NC
(828) 254-9234

Another candidate from my new project of getting to intimately know some landforms.   As I explained in this post, I am working towards learning to paint from imagination, or from my mind's eye. 

One of the commenters on the last post thought I had actually painted the last landform from my imagination.  I want to correct that impression, because I think I wasn't clear.

I am not yet creating the landforms from my imagination!  I am creating them from my own photos and significantly cropping to find what is to me the most interesting part of the photos.  

My plan is to paint from a photo monochromatically, then paint the same landforms using imaginative color, and eventually create my own semi-abstracted landforms from my imagination.  Make sense?

I am trying out the auction format at Daily Paintworks to put some of these works up for sale.  The auction will run for one week, starting with a lowered "teaser price."  If the painting doesn't sell during the auction week, the price will go up to my regular retail price. 

I am playing with redesigning parts of my blog (fonts, font sizes, colors), so please bear with me till I settle on what I like.  Better yet, feel free to provide feedback on any of the changes.  

Edit:  Well, turns out I have put a lot of time into this redesign---let me know what you think!  I like it, and I hope it's easier on the eye.  I know it calls for a wider header now.  Another project....

Thanks for being here, Watchers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A New Trajectory

Acrylic 6x6"

I have decided to focus on landscapes for awhile, not to become better at capturing the landscape, but to become better at CREATING the landscape.   I want to learn how to paint from my mind's eye, rather than from life or photo reference.   I plan to come up with five to ten simple landforms and paint them repeatedly until the process of painting feels more what I intend for it to be.

My idea was to start with a neutral-colored monochromatic.  Actually, that is not true, I painted a few abstracted landscapes with all kinds of color a few days ago (will show you soon), but then decided I needed to back up and learn more about color.  I figured that if I started with the neutrals, eventually  I would just be aching to put a certain color in a certain spot, and then I would be on my way!

It actually happened sooner than I thought it would--today, in fact.  I think I painted a total of five of these monochrome landscapes over the past couple days, and today, I just had to have some color!  I will show you's drying now, and I don't want to put it on the scanner while it may still be tacky.

I promise the one in this post was painted with just one color plus white.  I see that at least on my monitor, parts of it look like blue was added in, but I assure you that is an artifact of the limitations of technology to accurately represent my work, a problem I had feeble hope wouldn't be a problem in a MONOCHROMATIC PAINTING!!--but there you have it.

So, for once, I am actually a number of paintings ahead of my blog! 

I'm thinking of changing the font of my blog or the size of the letters or something.  

Let me know if you like one of these fonts better
Let me know if you like one of these fonts better 
Let me know if you like one of these fonts better.  
I mean, please let me know if you like one of these fonts better...

Thanks for watching!
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