Monday, December 28, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days--Can a Busy Person Do this Challenge?

Acrylic with a Palette Knife, 8x10"

This post is for all artists out there, especially the particularly busy artists wondering if they can possibly participate in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.  I have participated in all but one of the Challenges, and I have a full-time job.

 I am recycling an old post, below, that was originally entitled, "How to do the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge When You Also Have a Full-Time Job."  I am also recycling the above painting, because it is one of my favorites, and I never would have been painted it had it not been for the 30 in 30.  OK, here it is, the recycled post (and I'm doing this because some of my artist friends have expressed anticipating stress, and, oh do I know that feeling!).

From September 2014:

 "Someone asked me in a comment how I am managing to do this challenge with a full-time job.  Here's my tips, some practical, some about attitude:

1) Above all, focus on having fun.  I never would have joined the first 30 in 30 (I've done all 4) if Leslie had not said, "the only rule is to have fun."  I can live with a rule like that.

2)  From the very start, let go of any expectation that you will complete 30 paintings.  Don't expect that of yourself, don't intend for it, and don't try for it.  In other words, do not set yourself up to feel bad about yourself in any way.  And do not set yourself up to spend a month creating paintings you're going to feel crappy about.  Let go, paint as much as you can, post when you can.

3)  In the end, be proud that you painted more paintings than you would have had you not taken on this challenge.  And remember the other benefits:  you will learn, you will see lots of great art, you may develop new artist friends, and you may discover new favorite artists (I already have!).

4)  My new method is to hit the studio and do a few starts.  Loose ones, with no intention of taking them to completion.  Then over the next few days, I can choose one to work on.  Or work some on more than one.  Again, no pressure to complete anything!  Don't ruin your love for painting or your particular painting over anything external to truly is not necessary to post to your blog or Leslie's blog everyday, especially if the pressure is making you unhappy.  Be happy and enjoy yourselves, artist friends!

5)  Frankly, I am losing sleep over this challenge, but that is when I am becoming engrossed in a painting and energized to stay up to complete it.  I am NOT losing any sleep over completing a painting in order to make a quota.  

If I think of any other tips, I will let you know in future posts.

Thanks for Watching!  Take good care of yourselves, everyone.  I think that's the main thing I am trying to say...."

Back to the present:  Thank  you to my artist-blogger friends who responded to my question yesterday asking who is planning to participate.

Again, I ask, "Who else?!"

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Looking Forward to 30 Paintings in 30 Days

SOLD this month to a good friend. Thanks!     (Acrylic with Palette Knife, 10x10")

This one was painted the summer before this past one.  I sat in a cemetery near my house, probably with a dog, and painted the view across the road.  I paint there often, but I remember this time well, from looking at this painting.

I am posting this painting because I paint more than I post, and I want this painting to be a reminder to me to post, don't just paint!  With the 30 Paintings in 30 Days coming up, I want to get more into the habit of posting to my blog and DPW.  I don't know if I ever posted this one to my blog, but I am quite sure I never posted it for sale on DPW.

30 Paintings in 30 Days begins January 1, and I would like to ask my artist friends if they are participating.  I have a new local artist friend who is going to be joining us.  At last check, she did not yet have a blog, but I am sure she will have one by the time the challenge starts.  I am sure my online art buddy Carol will be there.  I don't think she has missed one yet.  

Who else?

My goals for this Challenge are simple--I will be using acrylics and oil pastels and I will be experimenting with techniques I have in mind for both.  I will be making life a little easier for myself by allowing myself to use photos from Paint My Photo.  Up till now, I haven't wanted to use other peoples' photos for reference, but I am finding it liberating.

One reminder--I always say I am "along for the ride."  I have no intention or expectation of painting a full 30.  Between having a full-time job and other consuming (art related) projects I am focused on, I am not going to put that kind of pressure on myself. 

The idea is to get into the studio more, experiment, and have fun!  No pressure, including no pressure on myself to paint a certain number.  

The other intentions I always have for myself are to meet new artists, see great art and to be a cheerleader for friends, old and new, who are participating!

Best wishes, everyone...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Using Photos by Other People as a Springboard for Painting Looser

"Night Light"
Acrylic, 6x6"

Loosening up and finding freedom in using a photo supplied by someone else.  

I always thought it was the wrong way for me to go to paint from a photo I didn't take myself.  How much fun I was missing out on!  It's a change of mindset for some reason--I feel less concerned about re-creating what I see and far more interested in using the image as a springboard to explore certain elements of art.

I extend my thanks to Viacheslav on Paint My Photo for the reference photo which was the inspiration for this painting. What an amazing feeling to paint from a photo provided by a photographer in Moscow!  Since I opened my mind to other peoples' photos, the world is literally opening up for me...

Monday, December 14, 2015

When a Painting Style Evolves

"Do You See What I See?"
Acrylic, 6x6"
Opening Bid $45

This painting was inspired by a photo by Mark Muir on the Paint my Photo site.  Until recently, I have painted from life and from my own photos.  They say that an artist should paint from their own photos, because without direct experience of the subject matter, the artist cannot have a genuine emotional reaction to the reference.  Perhaps...  

However, I found it very liberating to paint from a photo someone else created.  I was able to focus on color, form, effect, without being so tied into what was "real."  I was able to play with my materials and bring something out from within me that may not have been possible had I been having a genuine emotional reaction to my own reference photo :D

Beginning January 1, Leslie Saeta will be hosting another 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.  I believe I am in!  I want to continue to explore this new way of working.  I'm interested to know which of my artists friends are joining in, too...

And, as an aside, a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother!! 

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