Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catching up (and Happy Birthday, Stefanie!)

                                                                                    Plein Air Acrylic, 6x6"

Someone recently  put a comment (anonymously) on my blog that is is time for a new painting, and I agree.  I haven't been totally slack with painting, but I have been very slack with posting to my blog.  I need to catch you up.  I did this painting last weekend at a plein air workshop.  One of the other artists was nice enough to let me paint her while she painted.  I spent most of the day painting something I wasn't happy with, and then I did this one in 10 minutes, and I LOVE it.  It doesn't show up as well here as in person, but I honestly think this is one of my favorite paintings I have ever done!

To atone for my lack of posting, here's a bonus painting to show you.  This will be the best photo I will ever get of this painting, because I have sent it away, donated to another artist who is having a fundraiser to help a friend of hers who is coping with cancer.  The paintings she has donated will be auctioned thru a silent auction.   If anyone reading this wants to make a direct monetary donation to that family, you can read about it on Kristen Dukat's blog, by clicking her name to the right of my blog.  It will take you to her list of blogs, and the one she talks about her friend on is her painting blog called "A Time for Art."   Her friend also has his own blog, where you can read about his and his family's ordeal.  They seem like very sweet people going through a very tough time.  His doctors don't expect him to live long, and the family really needs help.

                                                                                     Plein Air Acrylic, 6x6"

I am starting to be interested in selling my paintings on Daily Paintworks.  I seem to keep not feeling "quite ready."  I have an idea that I should paint every day between now and August 18 and if I like what I'm doing, join Daily Paintworks on 8/18.  Daily Paintworks charges you each month on the date you joined, and 18 is my lucky number.  How's that for a business decision?  (you don't have to paint daily to be on Daily Paintworks, I'm just thinking it would be a good exercise for me, and with the gouache, it would be doable by painting during EVERY lunch hour!)


ME said...

Finally!!! I really like both of these and I would buy them, even if I wasn't your mother. Especially like the way you painted the light and shadows on the flower. It was very nice of you to donate it to such a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the birthday messages -- I received them but was out much of yesterday. AND, that was me with the anonymous message that I meant to sign. Glad it gave you a kick in the butt. :)

Talk soon,

Dixie Damron said...

You are very good at painting people. Hope to see more!

The white flower is especially lovely. Great colors. And your lights and darks are stunning as always!!

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks, guys. I'm glad you are still here watching and didn't give up on my ever blogging again!

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