Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Great Big News! (and Painting #5)

Acrylic, 10x8" $185 framed with a wood frame with black finish

                                                         Click here to purchase
                                           Email for a photo of how it looks framed

There is big news to report at the end of this blog post, but first I need to tell you about the painting I finished today, above.  I am very happy with the painting.  I am happy with the outcome, because I like it, and I am happy with the process, because I mostly had fun painting it.  I sure learned a lot from painting it, which will go on to inform future paintings.  I continue to paint every single day, but this one needed to be worked on over several painting sessions to reach this point.  I am perfectly happy to not finish a painting every day if that is what it takes to get an outcome like this.

I actually went down to the studio to take this photo, because one of my studio-mates has a photo shooting set-up that I have access to (thank you, DD!).  I just really haven't bothered to go down the past few months to use it.  But I wanted a good shot of this, and the interior from the other day.  So, here's a somewhat better shot of that one, but the blues are still way off (some of them are deeper, darker IRL) and the yellow isn't quite so lemony:

                                                                                           Acrylic 8x8" (SOLD)

Ok, I owe you some big news.  I'm going to be in my first show!  I saw an ad in a local animal welfare newsletter that made me think the Asheville Humane Society was looking for painting donations for an art show, so I called to see what sort of paintings they wanted, so I could donate.  Turns out, they really weren't looking for donations, but they were advertising an art show they are having, to thank artists who have already donated paintings to them (which I have not--didn't know about it) or who have provided service to the Humane Society (which I have).  They decided they didn't have enough artists and I could be included, because I work for a veterinarian!  I have a 8x6' wall space plus a table I can fill.  It's a two-day show, January 25 and 26, so you can imagine the FRAMING RUSH I am in now!

On the first night of the show, they are even having a private reception for their largest donors to meet the artists!  This is kind of a big deal, because the Asheville Humane Society built a state-of-the-art Adoption Center, and the fundraising campaign that went on the past few years to make it happen was phenomenal.  I saw the Adoption Center today, and it is an incredible improvement over the old shelter, where I used to go volunteer. 

I honestly believe the show came about because I joined Leslie Saeta's challenge.  Kind of like, I said "yes" to the challenge, and the universe turned around and said "yes" back to me.

I also took my application in to the Woolworth Walk today.  They said it could take a month to hear whether you are accepted.  Once you are accepted, you can wait months for a space to open up, basically until another artist decides to vacate.  Well, fingers crossed!


Sharon L. Graves said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. I love this painting. You have a fabulous eye for composition. Here's hoping you sell out!

Chris Lally said...

Painting #5 is fabulous. And I love the title of your blog. Congrats on your first show & good luck with the Woolworth Walk.

Meredith Adler said...

Thank you Sharon and Chris, I really appreciate it. Thanks for being so excited for me, Sharon, it means a lot.

Cathy Engberg said...

What a great composition! You must have had fun with this one! Really nice

Congratulations on your show! Sounds like you are going to be busy. So happy for you, I know you will do great. It's all about saying yes more, isn't it?

Mary Maupin said...

Great news Meredith--you deserve it!

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks, Mary and Cathy, it is sooo nice to get your feedback on support. I agree, Cathy, saying "yes" can take us places!

carol edan said...

Congratulations!!! What a great opportunity!!!
Love this painting for its simplicity.. I guess that is a key fo good daily paintings!!!
Best of luck!!!

Meredith Adler said...

Carol, thank you! It's so nice to have my artist friends be happy for me. Thanks for what you said about the painting, too. Simplicity...should have remembered that with the new one I started last night!

Denise Beard said...

Way, to go girl!!! You are on a roll! I admire your commitment to daily painting, that is a goal I am striving for also. Love the work you are creating. Good luck at the Animal Shelter Show.

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks, Denise, it is very exciting! I look forward to seeing your next creations. Watchers, Denise is a wonderful pastel artist I met at a show, where she won an Honorable Mention, and I believe it was her first juried show. Check out her blog!

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