Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Brave Me

                                                                                                      (acrylic 6x6")

Hello again, Watchers!  Here I am being oh so brave, because I am showing you what I painted today, this very day!  This is a whole new level of "showing" for me, because I haven't had any time to live with this one and see how I feel about it.  But I want to be timely; I don't want to be showing you irises in the Fall.

I'm not sure how I feel about the photograph of this painting.  Photographing paintings is just plain difficult.  Even with a good set-up, which I am lucky enough to have access to.  The image doesn't look quite the same from my painting to my camera, or from my camera to my computer, or from my photo viewing program to my blog.  Goodness knows what these things look like by the time they get to you. 

I would like for the photo to be a honest representation, but I just don't think I have total control over that one.  Especially with my inexperience at this process...

I was happy enough with this painting, the way the actual painting looks to my actual, unaided eyes.  Which is lucky for me, because putting precious free time into a painting and hating it makes for a difficult time afterward.  Let's just say a disappointing time.  I should add that having a regular painting practice is teaching me many things, among them the idea that my worth isn't based on my most recent painting!  I have also learned to adjust expectations, because with my current skill level, I am unable to paint the beauty of what I see in anything, let alone a delicate, gorgeous flower like an iris.  I have learned that in order to judge the painting, I have to stop looking at the iris.


ME said...

Yes you are very brave as I am not able to bring myself to share any of my "creations". From a non-artist" watchers point of yiew, I think your painting does show the beauty of the flowers as you see them. You want this, I think, or you would take a picture,although that can be an expression through the photographer's eyes as well. I am rambling and not sure I am making sense.

Meredith Adler said...

You are making sense to me, Mom. You are right, I do not want my paintings to look like photographs...I want them to look like paintings.

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