Thursday, August 23, 2012

Featureless Faces

                                                                                          Acrylic, 8x10

I was so proud to watch this young girl I know play in front of a large audience at a weekly summer outdoor event called Shindig on the Green.  She played with a group of other fiddlers, along with their teacher.  The very next day, I just had to paint this from one of the photos I took that night.  I am happy with this painting because I obviously didn't just paint what I saw in the photograph AND because everyone who has seen the painting and knows the little girl has said, "That's Ellie!"  I am so happy to be able to capture her body language (if not her likeness!). I have no idea where that background came from, it just happened, and I liked it.

So what's with the blank face?  I LIKE paintings with blank faces.  I have seen some paintings with blank faces that truly made me feel that if the face had features, it would detract from the painting.  I feel the same of my own painting, although perhaps artists who know how to paint features might say otherwise!  Maybe I would say otherwise if I had the skill to paint Ellie's likeness, but I do not, so I'm sticking with the blank faces.  Apologies in advance to my 6 year old nieces (who just KNOW faces have features!).

Today is a milestone birthday for one of my very dear friends, and I want to wish her a very wonderful birthday! 

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