Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Painting Daily (just about)

                                                                                       Gouache, 6x6"
In my last post, I said that I would paint daily, at lunchtime, until Aug. 18, in order to decide whether to join Daily Paintworks this month.  Well, I have been painting on my lunch hours, just haven't been posting.  I don't FINISH a painting everyday, but I do paint every day.  It's fairly comical, in that I end up having about 15 minutes to paint, by the time I've had my lunch, set up to paint, and left enough time at the end to clean up and get back to work on time.  This painting was blocked in during one of those fifteen minute periods.   It's funny what happens to proportions when one rushes to get a painting blocked in....  I worked on this more today at home.   I found the challenge was to make what they are sitting on look like what it was (a hay bale) without so much detail that the hay bale distracted from the girls.

As usual, I am not happy with how the photo represents the painting.  I think there is some distortion in the size of things.  I had to use my "straighten" function when working on the photo in Picasa, and I suspect it is making things look narrower.  To my eye, things are looking thinner than they look in the painting, especially the girl in red.   I would like to paint this one again in acrylic next time.  The gouache is just so, so convenient for using at lunchtime.

Thanks for stopping by, Watchers!

1 comment:

ME said...

I just love that you are posting your beautiful work again.

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