Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Big Day for Painting

                                                                                             Acrylic, 9x12"

Today I took a notion.   It was my day off, I was up early, the sky and land are doing all those beautiful early-morning-Autumn things lately, yet it was warm out, so  I decided to go paint plein air (outside).  The painting above is the fourth one I did, after the sun was fairly well out.   I did three paintings prior to this one.  They were all sort of misty, sunrisey.  I was thinking of leaving, as I had a hair appointment this morning, but when I turned around and saw all the color BEHIND me now that the sun was up, I decided to stay ("I have paint left on my palette....why not?").

I didn't really see a great composition, but I decided I could make something of it.  I know we can probably point out numerous technical/perspective problems with the painting....however, I had a great time painting it, and that's what counts.  I haven't been out painting with my acrylics in a long time, and I could see how all the still life practice has paid off.  I had a certain confidence while painting this that if anything I didn't want to see was happening in the painting, I could just correct it, and I knew I could make the scene into something I would be happy with.  This, my dear friends and Watchers, is progress!

Notice it is larger than my usual.  The first three I painted were smaller.  I brought one large board, remembering that Hank Buffington told me a couple of years ago that painting plein air with acrylics is actually easier when you paint large, because the paint has enough time to dry in one area while you're painting a different part of the painting-- you can then come back and put more layers in the areas that have already dried.  Well, Hank was sooooooo right.  I'll have to write and tell him.  I had so much more fun painting this large one than the three smaller ones, and I don't think it took much longer.

So, then I went and got my hair cut.  The woman who cuts my hair happens to be in charge of the County Fair.   Usually I miss the fair because I am out of town, but I was happy to be able to tell her that this year I would finally be able to attend.  I mentioned (feeling oh so safe, because I knew I had already long missed this year's deadline) that I would be checking out the art entries to see if I would feel worthy of entering in next year's fair.  She said, "Oh, I can still get you into this year's fair!"  I told her I would think about it, and she called her co-chair of the Fair to ask about art entries and give her my info.  She said, "No pressure or anything, but the tag is already made for your painting!"

So.....I decided to do it.  Mainly because she told me that professionals cannot enter the fair, and I expect that within the near future, I will start offering my paintings for sale.  If I ever want to show in our County Fair, it has to be now.   Plus, the person who cuts my hair is a sweetheart and it seemed to really please her to have me put a painting in the Fair!  She's been doing my hair probably about 15 years or so now and does me a great service, so I am happy to please her.

See--BIG art day.  I'm kind of nervous about the Fair.  I've become used to showing you my paintings on-line.  I'm not entirely sure who reads this blog, but I have a fairly good idea that I know who reads it regularly.   I have never shown my art in my community before, other than at an open studio a long time ago.  And I didn't have much art to show back then.  Usually I just show my paintings to a select few people.  So this Fair thing will be a new step for me.

Long post, Watchers.  Thanks if you hung in there for all this....thanks, too, if you just popped in to look at the painting, which is always fine and welcome.


ME said...

Landscape...yay!! You know I love your landscapes and I especially love that you enjoyed your big day of painting!! Good luck at the fair...another big, brave step for you! I'm very proud of your growth.

Meredith Adler said...

Oh, thanks! I always like to please you!

Doug Wasilieff said...

Hi Meredith

Great news! Good luck with the fair. I know what you mean about the difference of showing your art online and showing it to local people. I just had a conversation with a cashier at a local store on that exact subject. I am sure you will do fine. You will get used to showing your art. Good luck

Meredith Adler said...

Doug! Are you back? I must go run and check your blog now.... Thanks for stopping in. And for the encouragement.

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