Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Watchers, I could use some help!

                                                                                           Acrylic, 6x6"

I painted this for a challenge at Daily Paintworks.  They have a weekly challenge and anyone who wants to can put a painting on the site showing their take on the subject.  I am getting closer to being ready to join Daily Paintworks, where the artists are able to post up to one new painting per day for sale.  I figured posting to the challenge page was a good way to try out the technicals.  The challenge I painted this one for was in June....it may be a bit goofy to paint for a challenge that was a few months ago, but my point was to NOT be seen!  If I messed it up, I didn't want anyone to notice!

My main reason for trying one of the challenges (and the part I could use your help with) was to see how the quality of my photograph of the painting looked in comparison to others on the page.  I'm not really asking you to judge the quality of my painting itself, although I am always open for comments.  But, if you are so inclined, I would really appreciate if you would go look at the challenge page and see if my PHOTOGRAPH is decent enough to join and post paintings there.  This was photographed with natural light, rather than the studio lighting set-up, so I will have to paint for another challenge so I can test out the formal lights.

How to find it....still haven't learned how to put a direct link on my posts....so...go to dailypaintworks.com  Then at the top, there are tabs---choose the one for Challenges, scroll down to June 23, the Reading Challenge and click on that.  My painting as of this morning was the second one, I guess cause I just posted.

Thanks!  Any comments/advice much appreciated.


ME said...

It's kind of hard for me to compare the photos of different paintings but for my unschooled eyes, your photo looked as good as any other. BTW, I like your painting today.

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks for checking for me, Mom. I appreciate your help and support so much! I'm glad you liked the painting, too.

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