Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It Needed Highlights!

Today was my Shadow and Light class with Lorelle Bacon, and we fixed up the painting from the last blog post, because I thought it looked dreary and needed something.  For the first time,  I will show you the painting at the end of a blog post. You have to wait.  I want to tell you a couple of things before I show the painting.  Because  I am very excited about all that I learned today.  I think until now I have had a tendency to avoid making the lights light enough.  I've read that a lot of art students have more trouble with getting the darks dark enough, but for me, I believe it has been the opposite.   Hopefully lesson learned.

By the way, if you were playing "Choose that Crop" in the last post, I am happy to report Lorelle told me to keep the crop as originally painted, or "A." 

Lorelle is a very good teacher.  You can navigate to her site by clicking on her name on the right site of this blog.  Check out her workshops and classes if you are local!  I am so glad I took this class.  Only one week left, how sad....  I know I have been very spoiled getting Lorelle all to myself for these sessions.

Since I finished this painting in class with Lorelle's help, I have to consider it to be the work of both of us.  She helped me a LOT with those highlights, including painting on the painting a few times to show me something (e.g. how to soften an edge). 

Okay, okay, here is the painting.  This photograph was taken right in the classroom, without benefit of a tripod.  Also, as you can see at the top, it was still on the easel.  I'll get a better picture in the studio at some point, but I did want to show you this update tonight.  Often I think the photos cause my paintings to look better than they deserve, but this time I honestly think the painting looks better than the photo.

                                                                           acrylic, 16x20"


westyman said...

Just beautiful! And Paulina loves the colors and lighting effects.

ME said...

The highlights make a big difference,especially like the bench.

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks, Westyman....didn't know you were still watching! Muchas gracias, Paulina! And thanks, Mom, I am always happy to hear your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing as mom -- the bench! So cool. And the hair, too. Whadya know -- highlights!


Meredith Adler said...

Thanks, Stef! It's quite a different impact, isn't it. I'd rather show you in person, though. The photo is really bugging me. I've got to reshoot that one.

westyman said...

Of course I am still watching, when I have a chance. :-)

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