Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thanks for the Roses

                                                                                                               acrylic, 6x6"

Yesterday, my friend Deb at work gave me these roses to paint.  I was going to put them in a nice vase for the painting, but ended up liking how the red, yellow and blue looked all together, with the roses in the pill bottle I brought them home in.  We work in a medical setting, hence the pill bottle.  Maybe I'll paint 'em in a nice vase another time.

This was painted today.  I don't know what possessed me.  Roses are so hard.  I'm happy enough with how these turned out, but there has got to be a better way to go about it.   If you had only seen the convoluted way I approached painting head almost exploded!

I'm going to ask for help on WetCanvas, which is a great resource for artists.  You can get help and feedback on just about anything.  If you feel competent enough (which I don't), you can help others.  Maybe there's a demo on WetCanvas, or maybe someone would be willing to do one.  Lorelle Bacon showed me how to paint a rose at a  pastel workshop I took five or so years ago.  I was so new at painting that I just followed along, but didn't really understand what we were doing until it was too late and the rose was finished.  Maybe she will show me again sometime.



Chessie said...

Oh my, this is SO beautiful! This is definitely on my top paintings! The colors are amazing and the depth of the rose petals are awesome! And you said you couldn't paint roses....!!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

ME said...

So nice that people are nice enough to give you beautiful things to inspire you. The painting is nice too. Oops... three "nices" in one comment. Must get out the thesaurus so I won't be so boring.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did a great job! I am happy that you enjoyed it.

Doug Wasilieff said...

You did a great job on these roses. The warm and cool greens make a good background for the roses and blue bottle. I can even see the colors of the flowers and bottle in the background. Well done, Meredith. Keep at it.

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. I'm so glad you like this one. There were times while painting this that I didn't know if I would complete it. That's why I can only paint on my day off if I'm going to paint alla prima like this. I could never have devoted so much time to a painting on a work night.

Watchers, FYI, Doug is a painter that I have recently met on WetCanvas, through a discussion about a class given there. He is doing painting practice, too, and showing his on his blog, which you can check out by clicking on his name in his comment above. I think he paints wonderful trees in pastel. He also uses a wide variety of mediums, like I have.

A Time For Art said...

Love your paintings! This one is my favorite! Welcome to the blogging world!

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks, Kristen, for visiting and for what you said about the paintings--really means a lot to me.

Watchers: Kristen Dukat is a the name of the painter with the blog in the comment above called "A Time For Art." She is a wonderful oil painter and if you read her blog, you will see she is also a generous and open-hearted person. I have been following her blog for several months now, and really look forward to reading her posts and seeing her wonderful paintings.
If you want to visit her blog, you can click on her name above, which will take you to her profile with a link to her blog, or you can get straight to her blog by clicking on her name in the right column of my blog.

dede said...

Beautiful roses! Love that blue too.

Tiana said...

I like the flowers that you painted.

Meredith Adler said...

Oh, Thanks, Tiana. It makes me very happy that you like them!
Aunt Mer

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