Sunday, January 4, 2015

Patch of Blue Oil Pastel - Day 4

 Oil Pastel, 3.5 x 2.5"

In the spirit of the Challenge, this is the one I did on my lunch hour Friday.  This piece was completed in about 20 minutes, and someone was talking to me almost the entire time I was painting it!! I'm also having a terrible time getting a good photograph or scan of it, so I'm not putting it on DPW. 

No New Art Supplies!

One of my self-imposed rules for this challenge is that I am not allowed to purchase anything new until at least January 20.   My "theme" is artistic freedom, more of an intention than a theme.  I am exercising my freedom for at least the beginning part of the challenge, by using oil pastels, a medium I had long ago put away.

Using any kind of pastels is seductive towards your wallet, because as a pastelist, you never feel like you have the color you need.  So you keep looking and buying.  And there's always new supplies you hear about to make your artistic life better--new papers, solvents, storage units, etc.

I figure by the time I get to January 20, I'll have a better idea of what I REALLY need, if anything.  I purchased some ResNGel, a non-toxic solvent, right before the challenge began, but other than that, I have stored pastel paper, mat board scraps, enough oil pastels to get a good start, etc.  

Thanks for Watching!



carol edan said...

Love the abstract quality,colors and textures.... all on such a small format!!!!

Meredith Adler said...

Thanks, Carol, yes it is teeny. But this so SO not a likeness of the real thing, wish I could show you!

Unknown said...

It's great that you can create while listening to someone else.

i wish i had that talent. I've spent so much fruitless time in meetings.

Sharon L. Graves said...

I've heard if you listen to a podcast etc while you paint it frees up the right brain to create. Nailed it girl.

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